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Welcome to MySousChef

Create your own Recipe Cook Book

MySousChef allows you to create your own recipes and store them on line for you to access anywhere.
  • Quickly and easily create, store and update your own Recipe Cook Book
  • Add your Method and Presentation
  • Upload as many Photos as you like
  • Add Ingredients and Sections with their own Methods
  • Use Recipes within Recipes

Recipe Sharing with your Brigades

Once you have created your Recipes you can create your own Kitchen Brigades and share your Recipes with your friends and colleagues.
  • Create your own Kitchen Brigade
  • Invite other MySousChef users to join your Brigade
  • Choose which Recipes to share with your Brigade
  • Manage members of your Brigade
  • Manage the Brigades your are a member of
  • Rate and provide Feedback for your Brigades' shared recipes

Search our Repertoire of Recipes

Search our for recipes that have been published by our users. Search and find your favourite recipes. All that's left to do is cook!

Oh...and by the way - It's Free and Creating your own Recipe Cook Book and Sharing with your Brigade with MySousChef always will be.

Coming soon to MySousChef

We have extensive plans for MySousChef and we will be introducing many more elements over the coming months.

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